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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

i smiled, i cried, i closed my eyes and thought when death comes to get me will i be sitting ready for it to take me like Hans Hubberman?

the story is about a little girl Liesel Meminger and her thievery, but i was most affected by the character Hans(her foster father)… he made me so happy, inspired so much(a person is only as good as his words), i almost started feeling jealous of Liesel for getting to see him and talk to him and listen to his accordion(i know she is is just a fictional character.. but i get jealous and fall in love and get attached to them in crazy ways).

This is the second book i read related to Hitler and world war 2 and it has made such an effect on me, it was around midnight when i completed this novel and decided that i would watch the movie too(which btw is nothing when compared to the book(okay, i know it’s obvious but still let me warn you beforehand watching the movie after reading the novel will make you really really mad, simply because they haven’t put my favorite scenes)). The adventures of Liesel and Rudy will make an impression, read it if you haven’t already.


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